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City Hall: BOP Restaurant Partner Comes Through Like a Boss

By Susannah Black
November 9, 2015

So this happened:


Earlier today, Sam Janis contacted Henry Meer, the Chef/Owner of City Hall, one of our newer BOP Restaurant Partners, to ask whether they could cater a lunch we’re having tomorrow.  This was a kind of a last minute request, and not only did he say yes, the man flat-out refused to charge us.  We were NOT expecting this.  A huge shoutout and thank you to Chef Meer: you’ll be hearing more about him & his team in days to come.

What makes this even better, somehow, is that City Hall has the unique status of being the only BOP Restaurant that was recruited, organized and set up entirely by Bella Pittman, our 12-year-old BOP volunteer.

We’re amazed every day at the commitment, kindness and generosity of our partners.  People like Chef Meer make New York City feel like a small town, and remind us of what neighborliness– and citizenship– really mean.

Being a partner restaurant means that City Hall has an arrangement with BOP and Earth Matter, our shell collection partner, to regularly pick up their discarded oyster shells.  These are a crucial part of our restoration program, and we’re always looking to sign up more restaurants.  If you’re interested in getting involved, find out more and sign up here.  As you can tell, there’s something really special about the BOP community: a sense of partnership and common cause that goes beyond the formal arrangements we have. We’d love to welcome you in.

Want to keep up to date with what’s going on with City Hall?  Sign up for their email newsletter here. And, look, just go and have dinner.  And say thanks to Chef Meer.